Svetnadia launches the "Cancer Hair Loss Aid" community support program.

Svetnadia started a community support program in order to help low-income cancer patients that have lost their hair, providing them with highest quality hair pieces and wigs. 

"If we want to help somebody, we should give them the best" says Krystal Jarrin, the CEO of Svetnadia USA. We are committed to provide high quality hair pieces and wigs to those that need them the most.

We decided to start this program since we had family members who suffered from cancer. We saw that while going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the patient looses all her hair. One thing is to fight against a physical disease, it is quite different to fight against depression when you get bold for the side effects of your treatment. 

We believe that, besides al the physical treatments that are available, a positive mental state and motivation are key to overcome a disease like cancer. Helping the patient to look and feel better is our mission.